Veritas demonstrative aids have been accepted in proceedings before the Alberta Court of Appeal, the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Municipal Government Board, the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board, the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Surface Rights Board, the Land Compensation Board, various municipal land use boards and others. 



It is well established that demonstrative evidence can be the most persuasive form of evidence.  There are physiological reasons for this. 


Recent studies have emphasized that we learn 75% of what we know through sight yet, while learning by sight is the most common means of learning, psychological studies indicate that after three days, most people will retain only 20% of what they see. By comparison, most people will only retain 10% of what they hear. However, when you simultaneous combine seeing with hearing, the retention rate three days later rises drastically to 65%.

"I have been a litigator in SASKATCHEWAN and ALBERTA for 36 years and I have never before seen a technology that is so effective in litigation.

Last year my firm conducted an appeal of a tribunal decision to our Court of Appeal. 


Because the SmartDrones [now Veritas Litigation Support] video was in evidence before the lower tribunal, it formed part of the appeal record and allowed me to bring the scene of the dispute—in both context and detail—into the Court room as part of the appeal. 


The technology gave the Court the experience of conducting a view as though they were there in person without ever leaving the court room. 


They were able to view the site in question from the ground and from above and from an unlimited number of angles as though  they were sitting in a helicopter.


Having access to this type of evidence is a game changer."         

 -Greg Heinrichs, Q.C

Partner, DLA Piper Edmonton (Retired)

“During the proceeding, the quality of the video was excellent.  The video allowed an easily assessable visual portrayal of the client concerns that were not apparent from the materials filed by the pipeline company. We were pleased with the professional service from SmartDrones [now Veritas Litigation Support] especially the technicians that produced the video and  who attended the hearing to assist with the display.”
-Debbie Bishop, P.Eng., LL.B.

Partner,  Bishop Law

"At the LMAR Group we are constantly seeking new and innovative methods to provide exceptional service to clients. We recently conducted an After Action Report for a Fire Department that involved a series of concurrent actions essential to the outcome, yet cumbersome to capture through the written word. 
We believed a Demonstrative Animation video would be the most powerful method of visually demonstrating how a series of events converged to create an outcome.  Veritas nailed it! The words that come to mind are professional, expertise, knowledgeable, talented and great to work with. From the initial contact to the final product the Veritas team were incredible. 
They incorporated drone footage to capture the exterior setting for the viewer to gain positional context, then segued to demonstrative animation. Veritas were intuitive in understanding the essence of what needed to be told through animation and the product was exceptional, adding sprinkler systems and smoke to add realism!  The final product both impressed and captivated the client.  
I highly recommend Veritas for anyone seeking amazing animation or video depiction of events. They have the experience and ability to impress.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words and much more engaging for the viewer!"
-Steve Marissink,

Director,  LMAR Group Ltd

At Veritas, we understand litigation and regulatory hearing processes.  We know the importance of confidentiality, the protections of litigation privilege, and the rigours of conflict of interest screening.


Our evidence technicians have worked with many lawyer, experts and investigators in a wide variety of legal forums including courts, tribunals, regulatory hearings, and post-incident investigators.  We understand the demands on your time, the sensitivity of communications, and the critical importance of accuracy and confidentiality. 

“My firm was dealing with a complicated corporate litigation matter where there was a dispute between shareholders involving the use of certain urban lands. The opposing party was making representations that there was no business activity, nor were revenues being generated, from these lands. Our client, as a shareholder, had an interest in, but did not have access to, the lands. We retained Veritas to use a drone to fly over the lands and record what they could. Veritas was able to show with their high quality video that there was clear evidence of business activity on the lands. What impressed me the most was how Veritas made the process so easy for us: one of their owners is a lawyer who understands forensics and knows both the rules of evidence and the unwritten rules of courtroom presentation, and the video was shot and edited in such a way that crystal clear focus was brought to the issues in dispute. The recording was done very quickly (we needed a quick turnaround)  and efficiently. The whole process of the delivery of the video and access to same was smooth and streamlined.


We never did make it to court. Within a day or two of sending the video to opposing counsel, we received a significant offer that settled the lawsuit. I don’t believe I have ever before, or since, been able to gain as much leverage on a file with such little cost."

-Alexander Mosaico

Mosaico Law

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